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How bad is my third tone (第三声)



Can native or fluent speakers give me some feedback on my third tone? <— Here is a recording of myself reading words and phrases that contain the third tone.

Thank you so much…!


I’m not native or what I would consider fluent but as a person who listens to a lot of Chinese I would say your 3rd tone is good.

The only issue is in your recording your just saying individual words which is fine but it’s a bit different when your actually saying full sentences which use the whole spectrum of tones.

I say your 3rd tone isn’t bad at all.



Hi putonghualover,

It’s pretty nice. I would say your third tone is almost perfect when you say individual words. The last two or three sentences are also good. I think you got it.
Like Nabeshima120 said, I also suggest you try more sentences. It will lead you to the next step. :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing with us.


Hi Constance,

Thank you so much for your input! It’s such an honor to have a ChinesePod show host to actually listen to my recording!

I understand when you say the third tone, your voice first needs to fall then rise again – so when you say almost perfect, do you think I should fall or rise more than I do now?

Does it sound like I’m from anywhere? Is my foreign accent (外国人的口音) pretty thick?

I will practice more in the future with longer sentences.

Thank you so much!


谢谢!I’ll practice with longer sentences! :slight_smile: