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How can I say: 'try a class' in Chinese?

Is 试课 appropriate?
I have heard 试听课 but I think this is for auditing a class.

Hi there,

In Chinese, 听课 means “to attend a class”. For example,

  • 因为要考试了,今天大家都很认真听课。
    Because the test is coming, everyone listens to the teacher carefully today.

So, there’s nothing wrong with the word 试听课 and we don’t say 试课.
Let me give you more sentences to understand this word.

  • 想知道这个老师教得好不好,可以去试听他的课。
    If you want to know the quality of the lesson taught by this teacher, you can sit in on his class.
  • 试听课不需要付费。
    Sitting in on a class doesn’t cost you money.