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How do you learn with Chinese Pod?

Hi ChinesePod community,

My level is between intermediate and upper intermediate and I would be interested how you use Chinese Pod in learning Chinese so maybe I can also use something you do.

I started to learn like this:

I have set the goal

  • to complete at least 2 lessons of the level I am learning per week so currently it is 2 upper intermediate lessons per week and completed means I complete the first 2 sections of the exercise tab (multiple choice and connecting of words).
  • to complete 4 new lessons of Chinese grammar wiki per week
  • to do 1 new Duolingo lesson per day (French - Chinese so I learn French at the same time (I am German))

I prepare this all in Chrome groups so the material for every week is in one tab group:

Every morning
Every morning after waking up before everything else and within the time of 06:00 - 08:00, I take my notebook in the bed and learn new and old vocabularies by looking at the vocabularies tab of the 2 new lessons and using the vocabulary trainer of Chinese Pod. I also try to read the dialogue tab just with characters. Sometimes I let the podcast run and I try to understand it but understanding is very difficult and I planned to always just listen to the lower levels I already learned. I also read the Grammar tab of the lessons and do the daily Duolingo lesson to keep the streak there.

Every evening within the time of 8pm till 10pm.
I do the same with Chinese Pod and Chinese Grammar Wiki at the notebook in the bed before sleep.

On Saturday and Sunday within the evening routine
I know the vocabulary of the 2 new lessons well now and I do amongst others the exercises tab of both Chinese Pod lessons together with a Chinese tandem partner in a 1 hour call by screensharing my screen and writing down in a online document, that the tandem partner can write in also, the translations of each sentence of the exercises.

And very often in unplanned times I use the Android app to review vocabularies deck by deck.