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How often do you release lessons?

I am a long time listener but have been gone for a year or so. I am thinking about renewing but it seems like your frequency of new lessons is quite low. Are you planning on increasing the number of lessons? I understand there is a huge library of old ones but for me I am more interested in what’s new.


Hello CK,

Great to hear that you’re thinking about renewing your subscription, and welcome back!

At a regular speed, we publish 2-3 lessons per week, and at least one lesson per level each month. Sometimes the lesson intervals might be longer than expected, but that’s because we value quality over quantity and we have always put a lot of efforts and time into making one lesson.

Despite this difficult time for everyone, we are still working to bring you high quality lessons. You might have noticed that there’s a decrease in the lesson output lately, but please understand that we are working very hard on that and would like to get back to our usual publishing schedule as soon as possible.

While you’re away, we have published a lot of new and exciting content, and we have also added many new features on the dashboard, such as the latest flashcard function (
We also rolled out a Recap App that provides audio recaps along with flashcards in different length (90 seconds, 3 minutes, and 6 minutes) as review segments of our lessons.
You can find more information here:

If you could let me know the level you’re at right now, I’ll be able to recommend lessons and playlists to you.

Let me know if you have any questions, and you can always contact me at if you need some academic help.