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How to download all newbie and elementary lessons with iTunes


I guess it may be a simple question, but I haven’t been able to pull this off.
Since I travel a lot to places where the internet is practically nonexistent, I want to download all newbie and elementary lessons so I can take them with me in the computer.

I have a Macbook and it seems that iTunes is the only (or best) option to subscribe to podcasts. The problem is that even though I have subscribed to ChinesePod on iTunes, I am sure it has not dowloaded all lessons. Being out there for so many years, I guess ChinesePod has hundreds and hundreds of lessons for these two levels.
On iTunes, I only have a few dozens, I would say.

How can I make sure that:

  1. All lessons (mp3 + pdf) are downloaded by iTunes (or if you recommend another software, please let me know)
  2. All videos from Qing Wen are also downloaded. I see that iTunes downloads only the audio and the PDFs

By the way, how do I know how many lessons each level has? (I know ChinesePod keeps adding lessons, but in any given time, I wanted to check if there is something wrong with my iTunes.

Many thanks!


It may be roundabout, but the way I’ve always done it is to download each lesson directly from the website and then import the mp3s into iTunes and create a playlist. It’s a little time consuming, but foolproof.


Hey, Psamet, thanks for the tip. I was considering doing that, but like you said, it is too time-consuming because of the number of available lessons.
Not to mention that iTunes is a terrible piece of software, in my opinion. If there is anything better out there, I would gladly pay for it.

Anyway, thanks again, let’s see if somebody else has a friendlier solution. :slight_smile: