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How to find a random lesson


I used to be able to find a new lesson to study by a search for a random lesson. I’ve forgotten how I did this. There used to be a ticker box thing at the bottom of one of the CP access pages. Help!


I found it! I clicked on a tab at the bottom of the page that said ‘go back to old dashboard’. This led me to the self-study page with the studied and bookmarked lessons. At the bottom of this page is the ‘select random lesson’ box.


You’re correct. It’s on the previous dashboard which you can switch between. We will work on getting that feature over to the new one if it’s something you use.


Thanks Gwilym! On those occasions when boredom strikes, it’s great to be able to find another lesson I haven’t seen previously. There are many treasures to be found in the huge number of past lessons available.