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How to improve listening

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
Hello everyone,
I have been studying Chinese for three years, but my listening is very poor, Is there a good way to quickly improve my listening so that I dont waste a lot of time, please give me some advince, thank you.

Hey there,

I would recommend starting with listening to our podcast lessons! I’ve always found pushing myself to listen as a great way to practice. Besides, we have podcasts for different levels, so that you can start from the level you’re at. Another useful way is to watch Chinese TV shows or movies. That way, you can easily learn Chinese through context and the storyline as well.

Good luck!


Is there any streaming platforms you would recommend for clear Mandarin? You can find a lot of Chinese films online but they aren’t always in 普通话. Thanks!

Can listining to music help me to improve listening?

Hi @lallytina35,

Well, I can only recommend something I know and I like. Why not tell me what you are interested in so that I can recommend you what you like?





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Hi Philips,

I would not recommend to do so because the tones might be changed a lot with the melody. But still, learning new phrases through music is quite good!


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Listen to things that 1)you have a transcript with it, ideally in characters, pinyin and English. 2) are only slightly above your current level

Check out the Language Learning with Netflix Chrome extension.

Thanks so much, this is a great starting point! I’ve have a proper look through these to see what suits me - so far I like the look of Mr and
Mrs Gao!

I was hoping to find something similar to the Joe Rogan podcast in Chinese. The podcast doesn’t necessarily have a theme, they usually just have an interesting guest on every week and talk loosely around a wide range of topics. I also really like the BBC In Our Time Podcast which again covers a wide range of topics with experts in each topic. Is there anything similar to these available?

Here are some podcasts that I have listened to in the past which are still currently in production and so may have some topical content. If you really want to target you listening to a level that is just a slight stretch for you, ChinesePod may still be your best bet, but it is nice to have some variety. I would also recommend two others that are no longer in production but have a big catalog of great material: Slow Chinese and Popup Chinese.

  1. Learning Chinese through Stories 听故事,学中文
  2. Bear Talk 狗熊有话说
  3. iMandarinPod Learn Chinese & Culture
  4. 青春爱消遣