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How to improve the learning of the Chinese language here¿?


Hi I´m from Uruguay and I am studying Chinese for about 5 years and in December I gave HSK 3, it was very good for me and a few days ago I started here

I would like not only to practice Chinese in written form and audios, also to speak, here is some way to do it?


Hi isanowinski,

Speaking is definitely important. I worked on my speaking ability in two ways with ChinesePod:

First, when studying a lesson, I would repeat the lines of the dialogue out loud. This got my mouth feeling natural speaking these words and phrases.

Second, I worked with a tutor. There are many different places online to get tutor help, but I understand that the people at are familiar with ChinesePod materials, so that might be a good place to go.


thanks for your advice, i Will try with briclanguage too