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How to introduce Mandarin to toddlers with Youtube

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:

I’m looking to learn alongside my toddlers with some easy educational Youtube videos with songs or short videos. Do you have any recommendations or channels I can follow to help us get more engaged in learning this way?


Hi Alanna,

If you just want some Chinese videos for toddlers, I would suggest these:

  1. 寶寶巴士: There are many kids’ songs. Although the titles and subtitles are in traditional Chinese, but the pronunciation is Mandarin Chinese.
  1. Chinese Fairy Tales: The narrator is Chinese but subtitles are English. But…the stories might a bit hard for toddlers.
  1. CCTV少儿: It’s a TV channel for kids in China. There are many interestind videos teaching kids about creatures and how to DIY. But there’s no Chinese or English subtitles.
  1. 天线宝宝 [Teletubbies] - WildBrain: I think I don’t need to introduce it. It’s too well-known. But there’s no Chinese subtitles as well.
  1. 翼龍媽咪【Peppa Pig 分享頻道】: In this channel, there’re videos about Peppa Pig, Teletubbies, and Transformers. But not all of them have Chinese subtitles and not all of them are pronounced in Mandarin Chinese.

Hope these would help.


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Thumbs up for Peppa PIg. Some good British television! Here’s the official Mandarin channel.

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Oh, thank you SO much Betty! I can’t wait to watch these and enjoy them together with my children! Thank you also for providing great resources and replying so quickly! :slight_smile:

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