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How to remove item from playlist queue in android app


I have added items to queue using the three dots on the top right of the lessons.

But I cannot find a way to remove item from playlist if added by mistake. Is there a way to remove item?

Could you also enhance either the lesson or the playlist options so that we can create a repeat loop of the same lesson for consolidation.

The goal is to create a a replay of either a single lesson, or a small group of lessons for consolidation and so I do not have to keep re-finding them. Often I am jumping to some unexpected lesson straight after listening to one lesson, which I assume this is coming from your automated playlists, but I would usually prefer option to repeat several times before progressing to another lesson.


Hey @814903412,

For removing items from the playlist/queue:
You should be able to swipe the item away from right to left left to right.

As far as repeat settings go:
Two things might help you. One is the repeat button in the now playing lesson controls. This button has 4 settings:

  • Off (Greyed out icon) - Play one track and stop.
  • Continuous (White icon) - Play queued tracks one after another. Once you reach the end of the queue, stop playback.
  • Repeat (Red icon) - Play queued tracks one after another. Once you reach the end of the queue, start again from the beginning.
  • Repeat One (Red icon with the number 1) - Play the current lesson track over and over.

The second feature which might help in your case is Play Presets, which can be found in the settings menu. Play Presets allow you to customize which tracks play for each lesson. So if you like to listen to the lesson track three times in a row and then the dialogue track, you can accomplish this, and avoid adding items to your queue manually, through Play Presets.

If you could give me a concrete example of what ordering/playback arrangement your looking to achieve, I might be able to further help you.

Let me know what else I can do.

Android Developer


Ok - got it, but it is actually
swipe left to right to remove, as swipe right to left does nothing except move the item to the top and start playing that item. It was the swipe right to left that I had expected to delete items, and it was frustrating me - I never thought of swiping the other way.

Good to know the other options - I had not realised there where 4 options, and the repeat 1 was what I was after. Perhaps you could had an info window t that pops up briefly when you press it - perhaps saying:
Play once.
Play queue
Play queue as a loop
Play current lesson as loop.

Of course once you know the icons and meaning, it becomes less relevant but is good for new users finding how to use the app.:relaxed:


Yea, that was my mistake. Left to right will remove items from the queue.

I’m glad the repeat settings are helping. What you’ve suggested as far as an on-change pop-up prompt for the repeat button has already been added to the next release. Hopefully that should alleviate some confusion and help people discover the button’s functionality.

Thanks for your feedback! If you have any other thoughts or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


Cool to hear that the improvement is on its way, but why not make swipe in either direction for delete, especially as the icon is nearest the left and it seems logical to swipe it to the left because it is shorter distance.


Originally right to left swiping was removed because we thought it would cause too many accidental deletions of queue items since the swipe-to-remove functionality is fairly sensitive.

This is a very simple change though and I’ve gone ahead and added it back in to the upcoming release. If you get the chance, let me know what you think once you get the update.