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How to say "without" in Chinese

Hello everybody, 大家好!

To me, the word “without” in English is very useful and convenient. I know "不“ or "无“ have the meaning “not” or “no”. But I wonder do we have a way to easily translate the sentences into Chinese with the “without” word in English, for example:

  • I can’t leave without you.
  • Without Chinesepod lessons, my Chinese learning progress could have taken longer

Is that Chinesepod have created a lessons for this topic? If this topic already has a related lesson, please help me to get there.
Thank you guys all very much!

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This is a fun lesson that deals with meiyou 没有 on a basic level:

You can find other lessons on the have-not-have topic here:


Yes! Thank you Elijah. So meiyou is a go to for “without”.

méiyǒu wǎng,wǒmen zěnme gōngzuò?
Without the internet, how can we work?

yě shì,bùguò shēngrì méiyǒu dàngāo,hǎoxiàng guàiguàide。
True, but birthdays without cake seems a little weird.

These are example sentences from intermediate lessons, but I think these are good examples of using without.

I hope all these help! If you have anymore questions please write in!


Wow! What a solution! I can’t believe the solution that simple. I often use “没有" or “有” in the answer of a question but totally forget its usage in this similar context. Thanks so much @GraceWong @ewilc773

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Yay! So glad it worked out!