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How to use ChinesePod to its fullest?

I study Mandarin since 2015 completely on my own, and I’m a subscriber since 2016. I have just reactivated my account after several months of inactivity. My vaguely defined goal for the next year is to increase the richness and complexity of my Mandarin. In those few days, since I’m again a subscriber, I have discovered many great old lessons (I mean really old, like 10 years old). I have studied a few and I have numerous questions. Where is the right place in the Forum to ask a linguistic question relevant to an old class? I don’t think the discussion part of those classes is active now.

I have found that if you ask a question in the discussion section on one of the older lessons you will get an answer from Bec or others within a day or so. You have to keep going back and checking for the answer as you don’t seem to get a notification that your question has been answered. Re an open discussion with others that will depend on how many other people are reviewing the older lessons as the same time as you. Other than that as you have done here, ask your question and you may find others will answer you. Hope that helps. Roy

Hello there,

If you have any academic-related questions, just as Roy said, you’re more than welcome to comment in the comment section or ask them on the forum. I’ll do my best to answer your questions and other users will support you too.