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How to use 工作计划,工作规划,工作方案?

Could you please have a lesson to discuss the differences and give more examples, 计划 and 规划, they are the same, correct? thanks.

Hi Grace,

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll take this topic in consideration for our upcoming lessons. But let me explain a bit here:

计划 [ jì huà ] to plan; a plan
规划 [ guī huà ] to plan; a plan
( These two are similar, but 规划 is more like a longer or bigger plan )
方案 [ fāng àn ] is a plan for a project or to fix problems



They are very similar, very easy for me to make a mistake, thank you Betty.

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Hi Grace,

方案 usually refers to a detailed and low level plan which can then be presented to others
规划 refers to a scheme which is usually large-scale and high level. It might just be an idea sometimes
计划 refers to a normal plan and it’s usually small

Hope it makes sense to you.

Thank you all, yes, I figured it out now, 规划 is bigger and longer plan, maybe take five or ten years to carry out. a plan is very small . It is very meaningful to discuss the quesitons that I dont know here.