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Howdy from Alabama!

Hey, y’all. I’m Grayson, and I’m from Alabama. I started studying Chinese my freshman year of college, and I’ve been learning for about six years now. I was lucky enough to spend four months in Harbin, China in 2016, and I’m dying to go back to China sometime soon. Right now, though, I’m getting ready to start my Master’s degree in Chinese to English translation! I want to become a subtitler for Chinese movies.
I mostly use ChinesePod to keep my skills sharp while I’m living with family. I haven’t met a lot of Chinese people in my city, and I’m realizing I’ve gotten really rusty since graduation. If anyone ever wants a language partner, I’m happy to swap WeChat names.

我为练习中文用ChinesePod。我住的城市的华人比较少,毕业以来越来越生疏。如果你们想跟我练习一下, 我可以发给你我的微信的用户名。


Hello Grayson,

what an interesting Chinese learning story! Let us know how the studying goes and maybe share your favorite Chinese movies with us!