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I read once before how to position your mouth and your tongue to say the words right . Can you explain that for me here too?


Hi Jenevieve,
That sounds like an interesting way to learn. However, I’m a little confused about what you mean. When you pronounce different tones, you use your throat and voice box to change the pitch/ length. The shape of your mouth and tongue are more related to the sounds rather than the tones. Are you asking about how to pronounce the pinyin alphabet?
Thanks for clarifying!


Yeah I looked it up online once and it helped me a lot. For example to pronounce j x and q you need to put your tongue behind your bottom teeth and you allow a little air to pass between your teeth and tongue. J word you let a tiny bit of air pass through the x is a little more and q you let the most pass through. A native learns these things naturally growing up as a child but a non native needs to have it expalined. The zh ch sh sounds also have a way to postion your tongue.