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I am team "The New Jenny"


So my subscription ends today. I canceled it after hearing the recent new advanced lesson. My Chinese partner who heard the video in the background actually asked me if I was learning Taiwan style Mandarin now. Well… today I just happen to log in to see if any new videos were posted and I found that there is a “New Jenny,” which happens to be Grace’s mother. I am a new Jenny fan already. Her Mandarin is clear and I have already played for a few Chinese friends that all said she has pretty stranded Mandarin. Now I do not think that Grace should be doing dialogs in Mandarin with her heavy western accent, but the energy is great as a host. I think that if CPod builds on Jenny and Grace we will have a strong foundation for wonderful things here. This is so much better than the two host presented prior. I am #teamthenewjenny!!! Don’t mess this up Cpod and I’ll be back for like my 5th time.


Hello! I am so glad to hear that you are Team Jenny! I am too! I’m appreciate your feedback JJZhiMu.