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I can't be the only rock climber using this!


Hello! 我叫 Ryan (任头石). I just wanted to put out a general inquiry, as I can’t find any lessons on the website pertaining to rock climbing (攀岩). I’m an avid rock climber and hopefully will travel to Guilin/Yangshuo (桂林/阳朔) so as to climb in what is perhaps some of the most exotic rock in the world at some point in the nearish future. In preparation for this, and just for the ability to speak about my passion, I have been looking for a solid lesson/list/anything with vocabulary and phrases and the like of rock climbing terms. It’s a pretty niched thing, even in America, but I was able to find a very extensive list for the terms and such for Cantonese, but I have had no such luck for Mandarin. So, I guess this is me extending an invitation for any and everyone to contribute terms, phrases, or really anything pertaining to rock climbing in the Mandarin Chinese language. This is my first time posting to the forum so if I’m in the wrong category I apologize in advance. Thanks!


That’s a great idea Ryan, I only do indoor rock climbing but it would be good to know some rock climbing specific vocab. Perhaps we could ask @GwilymJames if its possible to have a section of the forum created where we can suggest future lesson topics.


@Fiona and I did our first bouldering lesson last week. Our hands were ripped and bloodied by then end of it, and our forearms were in agony for days. We’ll look at making a rock climbing lesson when we do that next batch of script writing.



I created a category.


@GwilymJames @Fiona @426070919 Bouldering is really fun but incredibly difficult, I can barely type or hold a fork then next day. Is rock climbing popular in Taiwan? I have heard that women are naturally better rock climbers as they use their legs to propel and steady themselves, where as most men (myself included) try to power through using their upper body strength which doesn’t usually last very long. My fiancee is a far better climber than I am so I’m trying to learn to use my legs more.


I am a rock climber too and very interested in some basic climbing terms.

And to the newbies of rock climbing: it will get better with time haha but I remember the pain after my first session very vividly :smile:


han, due to my work most of the time I’m practicing indoor climbing… Lucky guys.
but now since 2 years I’m only practicing bouldering, easier as I can climb alone and there is some great tools for europe to find a place or a rock. But unfortunately… Now I’m stuck in the flat country : Netherlands… So I guess it was a good choice to practice only bouldering.

@GwilymJames haha I had few months without any practice and I get the same pain. That’s climbing <3