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I can't find some of the lessons

I can’t find some of the lessons by searching.
For example: 0014 id newbei lesson which name is
‘Mr. Li is busy at the office today’


Do you have other information on the lesson? I tried to search for the lesson ID in our database but it is another lesson, and there’s no match for the lesson title “Mr. Li is busy at the office today” either. Do you perhaps remember some of the phrases or sentences in the lesson?


Here it is . You can see it from here

Thanks for your helping


Thank you for the document. It seems that this lesson was removed from our library because I could not find any trace of it in the database on both dashboards. Has this occurred to a lot of lessons? Could you give me some more examples?



I have found just this this lesson currently. However;

If I encounter another lessons like this ,I will tell it to you

Hi Joenathan,

That’s awesome to hear! Was the lesson’s name changed into something else? Do you mind sharing a link here? Perhaps other users have trouble with locating this lesson as well.

Hi Becca,

I have downloaded this lesson from old chinesepod website from 2008.

Therefore,It is stored my computer.Unfortunately, I can’t share any link :worried:

Hi Joe,

No worries, not a problem!