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I need feedback in creating a Chinese name


With the extra time some of us experience now I started deliberating over adopting a Chinese name. This all for fun as I have no family or job connection with China. I’m an upper intermediate learner, but creating a good Chinese name definitely needs a feedback from a native speaker.

I came to: 林继文

Few explanations: I used my Western name as an anchor. My last name is a derivative of the word “forest” hence 林. My first name is Christopher which is a derivative of Greek “carrying Christ”. For the “carrying” part I used 继 which is more like “carry on” or “follow up” but it is used in couple of words with positive connotations like 继承 or 继任. For the “Christ” part I simply used 文.

So, how does it sound? How can I make it better?

Hi 林继文,

This name is great and it sounds really Chinese. By the way, the way you name yourself is amazing! I have never given students names like this before. Thanks for sharing this with us.