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I would like to know about 執著


markusveralius would like to know, if 執著 is to be stubborn about a very specific thing, then what is the more general term to describe a person’s character as being stubborn in Chinese?


Anybody have an answer on this? I am very curious!


Hi Guys,

I would say 執著 more often than not refers to ones attitude towards doing something.

So you’ll often see 執著 in these two formats:

  • 对(什么)很执着 /對(什麼)很執著 - 她对爱情

12 星座的人生活的哪些方面特别执着呢?


  • 执着于(什么事)/ 執著於(什麼事)


Saying that you can definitely use it to describe someone:


Although when talking about someone being stubborn, I would most probably use 固执 / 固執:
Gwilym 很固执 OR Gwilym 是一个很固执的人.

Hope that helps! Feel free to hit me up with more questions on the new forum.

Also Constance and I are planning a new video lesson where we go through and talk about different ways to describe someone’s characters (possibly for different levels too). So i’ll be sure to let you know when we make that.


I guess I would use 固执.


What about 一根筋?Does that mean stubborn in a more general way?