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Idea for the lesson


Hello everyone,
I just would like to give an idea concerning the lesson. When I’m listening the lesson, I like to follow it also on the website. But sometime I want to make pause and then to take a care look on one word. And basically, the player’s buttons are totally on the top of the page.

It could be an idea to make at list these buttons follow the screen? I don’t know if you are understanding my idea… ^^


Hi Leurne,

Do you mean a feature similar to what one would see when one is singing along to a karaoke machine? But you could pause and listen to the word you are on?



Hi Fiona!
No, something even easier ^^
like that :

and the player:

Maybe the player can have another form, but something which is following the screen.
The reason is, for myself (but I imagine there is not only me who is doing like that ^^), I’m listening the full lesson, and when you are giving the explanation of the sentence, I like to switch in pause and to analyse by myself the sentence, to understand better, and to slow down the explanation. Sometime it’s quiet fast for me, and as I’m french, my english is sometime not so perfect ^^

But I really love Chinesepod :wink: Before I just used chinesepod on my ipad/iphone but more and more i’m using the website. (80% ipad/iphone - 20% website).
Could be nice to make a survey in order to know if the listener are using more the website or the application…?

PS : we want the app update on iOs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you make the play button move as we scroll up and down?

Hi @leurne

Apple is notoriously picky when approving apps that are submitted to their app store and takes quite a long time to approve any changes. Are you currently testing the beta app for iOS? If not you could apply to be added to the list by filling out the following form.


Yes I’be already the beta. But everytime it’s expired…