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I'm curious about the sentence - 我很想去你的公司参观。

Hi @Constance_Fang, @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this: in one of the lessons, the example for “I would really like to take a tour of your office” was 我很想去你的公司参观。I would have thought we would structure the sentence slightly different and wanted to know if the following was natural/correct as well. Either way, can you explain how it works for me. My thought was, 我很想参观你的公司。Does this structure also work? Why or why not?

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The sentence "我很想参观你的公司“ is also correct. The small difference between these two sentences is the “information” be focused on in the sentence. Just use these two sentences as examples.

  1. In the sentence "我很想去你的公司参观“, we tend to focus on what the speaker want to do when he/she get to the company. There are two things the speaker wants to bring out in the conversation, ‘去你的公司’ and ‘参观’.

  2. “我很想参观你的公司”. In this sentence, there’s only one thing the speaker wants to bring out, which is ‘参观你的公司’.

Hope you find this helpful. :slight_smile: