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Improper Refund issues

From November of the previous year I try to get my double paid annual Premium registration ($ 249) via Emails in ChinesePod Help. Because my repeated Emails have no effect whatsoever, I have decided to make my problem visible on the public site, hoping that other ChinesPod team members respond more carefully and can solve the problem for me (and possibly others who run into the same problem) .

I started this conversation on November 26 of the previous year and I was promised on December 17 that ChinesePod would refund the double-paid amount of $ 249 to my account. Despite my repeated requests for action, I do not receive any response but (I quote:) ”your message has been received and is being reviewed by one of our team. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours” Never knew that 48 hours last so long. And the money has still not been refunded. In my opinion I have been very patient, but my patience is running out. I do not find your working method polite, and ensures that I feel treated unfairly with regard to this financial settlement. And what small effort is it to handle this correctly so that I can use my money back for other important things?!
I hope this problem will be solved for me and possibly for others with the same problem. Don’t just post that an email has been sent to me and that I need to check my inbox. I have checked every inbox and have not received a reply and have not seen a refund on my account. I explicitly expect you to respond to my request in writing and to repay the amount.

Hi there,

We are very sorry for the delay in our reply, as we are going through some internal organizational changes. Our customer service representative has sent an email to you. If there’s still any problem, feel free to ask.