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In the forest - A place to ease the mind

Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): intermediate
Video or Audio: audio might be sufficient, include some nice forest sounds
Lesson Idea: Hi Team,

I am talking trees, mushrooms, creeks, fresh air, forest animals, ecosystems, biodiversity, even myths and legends.
Forests are a big part in human life, although most folks don’t act like it nowadays. This platform might be ideal to have a reminder of this fact to Chinese learners.


That’s is certainly a great idea for a lesson series, and it would be perfect to listen to when you go jogging in the forest!
To give you a sneak peek, here are the Chinese for the vocabulary you mentioned:
Mushrooms: 蘑菇 [mó gū]
Creek: 溪 [xī]
Fresh air: 新鲜空气 [xīn xiān kōng qì]
Forest animals: 森林里的动物 [sēn lín lǐ de dòng wù]
Ecosystem: 生态系 [shēng tài xì]
Biodiversity: 生物多样性 [shēng wù duō yàng xìng]

Speaking of myths and legends, there’s a Chinese classic book called 山海经 (The Classic of Mountains and Seas), and it compiles lots of mystic creatures and beasts in the nature.

I found an advanced lesson that introduced a poem about being in the mountains in the hot summer. I understand that this is not what you suggested, but it might be interesting for you!

Summer poem 夏日山中夏日山中


Thank you for your immediate response, the vocab and the lesson suggestion. I am not advanced enough yet for the poem, but I am looking forward to go jogging in the forest and listen to the lesson in the future!