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Intermediate reader, elementary listener in Guangzhou

I teach calculus in English in Guangzhou to U.S.-bound Chinese students. I was born in Japan, lived there as a boy, plus Taiwan and U.S. My father was a Chinese linguist (trained partly in Taiwan). I’ve lived in Guangzhou almost five years now. I feel Chinese is my language. My teacher tells me I’m upper intermediate in reading. I can write Chinese characters. But, to quote my teacher, 你的听力不好。My listening is not good. I’ve tried various books with phrases and CD’s, blech, but a friend turned me onto ChinesePod, and I think it’s going to make a biig difference. I loved that lesson, 快躲起来,我的先生回家了! I related this dialogue to a Chinese colleague, and she laughed and laughed and instructed me to tell her some more stories like that next time we practiced conversation together. I’m serioius about the language, including the literature. I’m happy to be here.

Oh, yeah, my Chinese name is 江罗素。