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Introducing myself


It’s my first time to be here, i have just registered on this site as Khaled, that’s my name and it means the immortal :wink: in (Arabic) ,i’m from Egypt and i want to say, i’m in love with Jakie Chan movies :heart_eyes: and i hope i do well in chinese and get a good knowledge about it :grin: … nice company here ,too. :blush:


Lovely to meet you Khaled. Great to hear we have a new user from 埃及 (ai1ji2).
What’s your favourite Jacky Chan movie?

P.s: I’f you’d like to edit your users name on the new forum, you can do so easily inside your account settings.


Thanks,friend for greeting :heart_eyes: …well, most of his movies when he was still young…i mean those produced through 80s and 90s… his action so was funny… i repeated watching (who am i) and (armour of god)


:sunny:mr. nongtaw chakma,
today i m very happy to you my friends and i like friendship relation with online.
so i want to understand chinese pronounation with english chinese .if may i talk
pronounation with chinese folk