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等等见 is a correct expression?

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:

I just fininsed a video, they said " see you later" in Chinese is 等等见, is that correct? can we say like this?

Hi Seriwang,

Interesting questions. In which lesson did the hosts use this phrase? I should like to take a look before getting back to you

Elsha from the ChinesePod team

Hi there,

There are actually many ways to say “see you later”. And 等等见 is one of the correct ways to say so. Other sentences that you can use are:

等一下见 [děng yīxià jiàn]
等会儿见 [děng huì er jiàn]
一会儿见 [yīhuǐ’er jiàn]

Among these sentences, 等等, 等一下, and 等会儿 all mean later and 一会儿 mean a while. So “later + see” means see you later.


Hi Seriwang,

If you are thinking 等等见 should refer to a very short duration of separation, as short as minutes, you are right as well! So you might also wonder why did the hosts say “see you later” when they are probably not going to see you until the next lesson? My guess is that they are so eager to see their students again that they want to make the duration sound shorter!