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Is 傻逼 is proper words or impolite words?

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
I would like to ask is 傻逼 sounds rude if said to someone?

Hi Eddie,

It’s just like “idiot”. And yes, it might sound a bit rude. Maybe 傻子 or 傻 would a little bit better.

Isn’t 傻逼 just a sanitized way of writing 傻屄? If you look at the literal translation of the latter characters, in English it sounds very vulgar, and definitely not something to use in polite conversation. By the way, I think I learned this from the book NIUBI!, by Eveline Chao, which I would highly recommend as both an educational and entertaining resource for students of Mandarin.

Hi Podster,

Yes, it is a sanitized one. So actually, nowadays people seldom say 傻屄. Besides, I just google the book. The book looks so useful! Thanks for sharing!