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Is it better to stick with one deck on Anki or create more decks?

I already have one deck that starts to be pretty big from the newbie playlist but I’m happy about it. I’m starting to study the HSK1 playlist, should I create another deck resulting on having to double my time on Anki studying 2 decks or should I just stick with one deck to not “overload my short term memory” like Anki says?
Best regards.

hi 579239679 :slight_smile:

I have currently about 900 notes with in sum about 4000 cards in my chinese deck.
I do 100 (old) cards + 20 new cards per day.

I’m not planning to add another deck for chinese, but words that have become sufficiently easy I do just delete when I feel like they have become commonplace or even boring to me.

That’s about all I can handle on a daily basis and have been doing that over the past two years, which brought me to a mid elementary learner on chinese pod. Though I practised pronounciation solely for the first couple months.

I keep adding notes as I can stem them, sometimes slowing down when I feel overwhelmed until the daily repeating becomes somewhat boring and then I speed things up again a bit until I feel overwhelmed again and so on.

Having another deck to deal with would be just too much to my taste.


Edit: If I feel like the deck is not meeting my requirements as it is, I rather add another card type then another deck.

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Thank you, I’ll stick to one deck. 20 new cards a day is wayyyyy too much for me! I haven’t added anything new since almost 2 weeks as I was struggling with this deck already but I start to feel more comfortable now. Thanks for the advise!

20 new cards a day is indeed a lot. When I was full-time in language school, I added 20 cards a day, 4 days a week. It was quite overwhelming, but I was desperate at the time!

Just to be clear, cards, NOT notes. :slight_smile:

Since you, or I, create multiple cards with each note to have several views on each note/exercise it’s not equal to new words. I have up to 7 views on each note I have in my deck.
So it’s a lot of repetition, which I find I really need for this language other than say spanish or even english for that matter :wink:

I spend roughly one hour a day with Anki in about 60% of the year. The rest being influenced by my family.

I’d also like to say that there’s times when I feel overwhelmed, then I stop adding new cards until I feel comfortable again and as soon as it becomes boring I 加油 a bit.

Edit: Not finished for today but I thought I share part of my statistics for the last year including today. Well, it’s all german but you should have the same in your language to “translate” it.
This should give you an idea about the difference between my target and my actual performance of my Mandarin deck.

Oh ok that’s really interesting, I didn’t know Anki was providing stats like this. I’ll look into it thank you!