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Is it safe to subscribe?

I would like to subscribe to get access to the text and supplementary stuff, but I am worried nobody is running the company. All these over-billing stories in the forums also have me worried. Is anyone safely subscribing and still getting customer support here?

HydrogenSulphide93: I cannot say much about the ‘safety’ overall. But for me I subscribed mid January, got my two week trial, was charged only the once when they said I would be charged, and only for the amount that would be charged without issue. I have being using the site quite extensively since signing up. On Sunday there was an issue where logging into the site would attempt to bring up the dashboard but it would then boot me right back out to the login screen again in a loop. I contacted support and around 12 hours later they got back to me and worked with me to solve the issue. Now the issue was with the web server and not with my account and it actually was working before Support got back to me. But they did get back to me early Monday which is pretty respectable, and they initiated solutions on their end to make sure it was solved and that I was satisfied. So I can say in my experience it is very safe.

Now they haven’t created new content in a while, but if you are just starting out you have like 4500 lessons in total you can access. Note: you are not just limited to the ones they present in the playlists they feature for each level, they have an extensive back catalogue of lessons as well which is where 3/4s of the 4500 lessons are, almost every single one is supported with written material, and vocabulary lists which you can put into the flashcard thingy they have, and an exercise tab which you can test your knowledge of the lesson.

I personally work with the material offline, but how you work with the lessons is up to you. But you have more than enough here to keep you going for a very long time without them adding new stuff at the moment.

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