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Is my friend Hongtian trolling me or is this slang accurate?

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this: This is a bit of a curveball question, I know, but bear with me.

Me and my friend from Liaoning were talking about some things some time ago. He has been helping me with understanding Mandarin and Chinese culture. He once told me that the word for orange (The color not the fruit) is also a word used to describe… videos of the adult variety if you catch my meaning.

He’s just trolling me right? Because it has made me wary of saying the Chinese word for orange ever since. I don’t want to tell someone that they look good in orange, only to say it wrong and say they look good in…you know lol.

Hi there,

I think your friend meant the color yellow. In Chinese, the color yellow implies something sexual. But don’t worry, people won’t take the wrong meaning if you are just complimenting them looking good in yellow. Here are certain terms that, when said with “yellow”, may imply adult-related content:

  • 黄色网站 [huáng sè wǎng zhàn] - adult website
    黄色视屏 [huáng sè shì píng] - adult films
    黄色笑话 [huáng sè xiào huà] - sexual jokes