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亲戚的戚 is pronouns as qi1 or qi4

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
I would like to confirm the 亲戚的戚 is pronouns as qi1 or qi4.
I been pronouns as qi4 along the time but when I do some studying on 拼音 and I am confuse.



Hi Eddie,

If you look into a dictionary, 戚 is pronounced as 1st tone. However, when it is paired with 亲, 戚 becomes neutral tone. There are actually many words have tone changes in Chinese, e.g.烦 [fán] is 2nd tone, but when this character is in the phrase 麻烦 [máfan], it becomes neutral tone. But don’t try to memorize all of them. It’s too many. Just listen more and practice saying them.

Hi @BettyZheng Really great tips… thank you so much

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