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说服 的 说 is shuo1 or shui4?

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
For 说服 的 说 is shuo1? or shui4?
Sorry ask many question on pronunciation recently as been focus on pronunciation chapter.

Hi Eddie,

A couple years ago, it was shui4. But, just like you, sometimes Chinese people are confused by our own language as well. So, to fix the problem, nowadays, 说 is only pronounced as shuo1. But because it just changed, you might still hear shui4. Anyway, people understand both of them.


Hi @BettyZheng Thank you so much for patient and detailed explanation. It make me more clear already.

In one of my dictionary, shui4 fu2 is shown as a Taiwan variant pronunciation. Dictionaries are great resources. Nowadays there are so many convenient ones, like Pleco for your cell phone or popup dictionaries for your web browser. You have so many good questions, you really should invest in one, especially since they are pretty much free or inexpensive.