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Is the ChinesePod site being maintained?

As everyone has noticed lately, immediately after the last presenters left (for whatever reasons), we were told that new hosts will be soon joining. I can imagine that this is difficult given the boundary conditions (moving locale, specific background of the hosts, etc.). Many podcasters might continue to use ChinesePod since there are some thousands of lessons already. I personally could perhaps live with just the old lessons for a couple of months anyway (to be honest I have started appreciating Jenny’s, Connie’s and Liliana’s more clear pronunciation) . The complete lack of communication, however, makes me wonder whether the site will be up in the first place.

Is there any guarantee that ChinesePod will not cease to exist within the next months, and is at least some technical staff (which can be of any nationality) taking care of the servers and the webpage?


I have recently gotten a few of their “refer a friend” emails, so I would assume at least one branch of the company is working properly.

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So have I, which of course makes me mad. Nonetheless, I seriously feel that CP is just a bunch of machines running on their own, and perhaps one or two guys occasionally writing a comment or sending such automated e-mails on their free time. Perhaps I am wrong (I definitely wish I am) but it kinda looks like an empty house right now… For the moment I cancelled the automatic subscription renewal and I really doubt I will be investing 250 $ without a positive answer to this question…


I’ve been using this barren time (at CP) to check out other Chinese learning websites. The Chairman Bao’s is just what I was looking for. Graded readers for all levels and natural audio to go with it. I’ve only just started using it but I’m impressed so far.

Hmm, I wonder if this is rather a last ditch attempt to make some money before going into administration. It wouldn’t be the first time a company in distress has sold services which never materialise, pocketing the cash and doing a runner. I certainly saw that a few times when I lived in China! Hope not of course… but I most certainly will not be referring a friend!

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me the question is more: except Fiona, gwilym and constance, we do not know the others staff from Chinesepod and do not know anything from it. For example I always thinking Fiona is in the board management… But seems there is a big big boss… Which just care about money.

Very disappointed.

I had assumed that the referral programme was a sick joke, but after reading the above comments I am also wondering whether it isn’t more sinister than that.

Hi, George,

Yes, the site is being maintained. As a matter of fact, we are working on making the site better every day. Hopefully, you have seen some of the changes we have implemented. If you see changes we need to work on, please let us know.

We are also working on finding the right hosts and the right format.

We appreciate your input and are glad you are enjoying the past lessons.

Since they have requested referrals for new customers three times recently, I would assume that they are short of funds. This makes me wonder whether they are going to provide new lessons soon. Maybe the last hosts left because they were not paid.