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Is the Media level higher than Advanced?


Hi @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this: Is the “Media” level meant to be higher than Advanced? The last two media lessons have a “大师级” icon with 6 stars, does this mean it is mean to be higher than “高级课程” with its 5 stars? The page says that “80 media lessons” are recommended, however the progress graph does not include the media level, and neither does the level selection in settings. Is the media level meant to be for after finishing 120 advanced lessons? After the recommended 80 media lessons, where are you meant to be? If so, why does this post ( say that media is part of Advanced?

Also, why are there no more “media” lessons? I feel like they are very good way of learning to listen and read to news.


大師級哈哈哈哈哈哈 。空中樓閣的想法。
所以呢如果你有才能聽得懂高級課沒有問題然後你應該用網絡找找很多的媒體, 那個時候你不需要中文博客或者別的教程。


The Media lessons are higher than advanced. I really loved those lessons… however it seems that Chinesepod discontinued them. There have been rallys and petitions to ask Chinesepod to continue these lessons… but it seems like they have abandoned them for now. The advanced lessons did seem to improve and become a little bit harder, though. This is based off of my experience as a Chinesepod user since 2005. If you would like to check out other lessons that have been discontinued… look up “Dear Amber” and “Poems with Pete”. There used to be sooooo many lessons and channels on the site!! Cheers, Peggy


I think the media lessons were great. It would be nice to see more topical material. However, I seem to recall that there were problems with dead hyperlinks to source material and also potentially some copyright issues.


Another issue is that current affair lessons quickly become dated, and we try to make lessons that are timeless. There is also an issue of talking about topics deemed as sensitive that could cause issues to our service in other regions.


Could you make timeless and relevant media lessons? I do believe this is possible!! I seriously loved all the different channels that Chinesepod offered back a few years ago. I am so sad there are only a few channels up now. There used to be so so many different channels that reflected the beauty and culture of the Chinese Language!!!