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is there a way to study chinese in this website?

Hi @YuQinCai, @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:

i know it looks like a stupid questions but is there any watch order to watch the videos or a plan guide

because u have too much categories: hsk 1, daily life, newibe, etc
but for someone like me has no idea where to start but to start with hsk 1

Hi there,

I would recommend you to start from something easy, such as greeting. (You can use the searching box to find related lessons) While watching these videos, check out the videos about pinyin and tones at the same time.


Afterward, since our teachers teach every lesson in detailed, it’s fine to pick any topics that you are interested in. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask here. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


For a beginner, you can start from “Pinyin Projgram” first, then move to “Qing Wen” series video, or you can check the “newbie” level on Chinesepod website.

Dear @nawaf221874049

First of all, welcome to ChinesePod and happy new year!

Some time ago I put together a little list of lessons newbies can start with and will repost it here. Hope it’ll help!

  • ATWTI: an excellent intro into the Chinese language that will teach you a good mix of vocabulary, beginners grammar/sentence structure and a bit of background info

  • Pinyin Program: The Pinyin system is essential for learning Chinese and is a bit like learning how to read music notes - once you know it it’ll be second nature. Basically it’s a Romanization system for Chinese sounds so you know how to read and pronounce everything.

  • Say it right series: Once you know Pinyin, this series will help you refine your pronunciation to perfection.

  • 66 Enjoyable Characters with Joy: a fun way to get into Chinese Characters, especially if you want to learn traditional Characters.

  • HSK test prep: a series with simplified characters that prepares you for the HSK 1 test, but is also a fully explained series which takes into account speaking, listening, reading and writing

To supplement your learning and also to get a bit of variety you can choose from our Newbie level lessons (nearly 500 in total). We have lessons on all kinds of topics that do not follow any strict curriculum so you can just browse and study whatever interests you.

When you finish a lesson you can mark it “Studied” so you can see your progress. We recommend completing 50 Newbie lessons to give you a solid foundation, after which you can start with Elementary. I personally recommend staying with some Newbie lessons after you hit the 50, and trying a few Elementary lessons to see how well you can follow, and mix it up a bit before you’re fully comfortable with Elementary.

I hope we were all able to help you and that you will feel motivated to jump right in. Chinese is a wonderful language and you will see so many fun things along the way.

Hope to hear from you again!



My personal advice would be that you need to learn Chinese by starting from entry level to the advanced level. In this way, you will understand the usage of different words/sentences/phrases more easily. In your spare time, you may watch some Chinese movie (without looking at the subtitle) and talk to Chinese friends to do more practices. Last but not the least, feel free to post your question here if any. I believe many people here will help you out!