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It is true that Chongqing VPN users will be fined for using VPNs?


I just read a news that Chongqing has started a crackdown on VPN users. How severe is the case? Can anyone tell? Is it s serious issue?


The reporter has shoddy English for someone with a very English name.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t expect expats or foreign tourists to be fined. Unless you’re on the internet spruiking political views opposed by the state , perhaps decide to plaster pictures of the Dalai Lama or some other sensitive topic all over your social media accounts, walk around handing out bibles, or decide to unfurl a Taiwanese or Tibetan flag in public, then you’ll be ok, because the laws are designed to crackdown on locals.

Moreover, as an expat, you’d have to have a rather large social media following locally to attract any attention, in addition to being a fool as mentioned above that is.

There are a few expats in China that have their own youtube channel and upload videos regularly. Until one of them touches upon ‘sensitive’ subject matter the state deems a threat to social order, then they’ll be tolerated.


Thanks for this reply. Seems like you know a lot, and it’s good to know how it actually works.


Thanks for this post I have been using fastest vpn service provider they guaranteeing will not loss my personal information and identity? is it true??