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Jenny Zhu is on We Chat


Remembering ChinesPod of 2008. Those who admired Jenny Zhu can find her on 微信 or We Chat. She is principal of her language company called "开言英语“,She has reversed roles now and is an English teacher to native Chinese speakers now with Anglo co-hosts. Her conversations are bi-lingual so I listen to them for the Mandarin instead of the English. I loved her when she was working in Shanghai as the primary teacher online, her voice was internet perfect and full of energy and articulation. I learned my tones with her and John Pasden as her’s are very clear. Her audience now is unbelievably popular having reach 100,000,000 listeners. In addition, she has moved to Vancouver, Canada.


Thanks for the news on Jenny. Do you happen to know her wechat ID?


You can only access her site via subscription. 开言英语OpenLanguage is the site address. You can try communicating to her. I was lucky. When she first began podcasting on We Chat, she gave me access after I introduced my self as one of her original students back in 2007. I told her she was my favorite Chinese teacher and was broken hearted when ChinesePod was no longer operating in Shanghai, true sentiment.

best of luck,


Yes, she was my favorite as well. It is a small consolation to me that she now lives in my home country.


thx! yea, i remember her. She was gr8!


Jenny resonated with me because my parents were Shanghainese. Her being a native was very good to know, also she did not have a Shanghai accent when she spoke Mandarin. I think she has a special gift for teaching language.