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Job Interview & Business-Related Lessons

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Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

I have been searching ChinesePod and have found a few lessons that involve interviews, even one upper-intermediate lesson focused on a job interview, but I think that it would be really helpful to stress what a good interview looks like. The interview I found that was in the upper-intermediate level was helpful, but I think there is more that could be done: as a recent college grad who is applying for a position in Beijing, I’m trying to brush up on all office, business, interview, and industry-specific vocabulary. It would be great to have a lesson or series of lessons that focused more specifically on these areas - a meeting in the office, being assigned a task, terminology surrounding business, an interview, etc.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or any questions! Keep up the good work.


Gabe Newman (纽盖博)

Hi Gabe,

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll take those topics in consideration for our upcoming lessons. Do keep sending us ideas to make learning through ChinesePod better and fun!