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Journey to the West!

Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Upper Intermediate____
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Lesson Idea: Hi Team,

I absolutely loved your lesson on the Three Battles with Baigujing (from Journey to the West!) I’m a Chinese Born American, and though I am partially fluent in the speaking/understanding, I sadly cannot read or write…which means I am unable to read the original Chinese text. I’m in my 30s now, but I remember as a kid my Mom would tell me stories from the book and I loved hearing about the adventures of Sun Wukong. Listening to the eps you guys made brought back so many wonderful memories as well as giving me an opportunity to understand the vocabulary used in the text! I’m super interested in Chinese Literature, and would love to hear another lesson structured around Journey to the West. Thanks so much!

Hi there,

Thank you for your suggestion. That sounds so great! I know how great it is to learn languages while reading/listening to a fantastic story! I like it, too. We’ll take this in consideration for our upcoming lessons.


Thank you Betty! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I hope I am not insulting your intelligence, but since you referred to “the lesson” I will point out that it was part of a 5-part series, so if you only listened to one you have four more to go. :grinning:

In case you may have interest in a (somewhat) related podcast that includes mention of 西游记 ( xīyóujì : Journey to the West )

Also, this is more specific:

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Hey Podster!

Yes, I have listened to all 5 in the series and it is wonderfully put together. Thank you for your recommendations, I will definitely check them out!

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