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Let’s learn together!

Hi. I am American Born Chinese (Cantonese) learning to speak mandarin for everyday life and work.

Anyone want to have a weekly zoom and learn together and keep each other accountable?

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Hello Anthony,

What a wonderful idea! It is important to have a supportive community where Chinese learners all come together and share their experiences with each other. Although a forum is great for discussion, regular face-to-face sessions are going to be much more personal and helpful. Everyone can be the trainers for others and monitor learning progress and motivate each other! Especially in times like this when human connection is appreciated, if you can have some companionship on your Chinese learning journey, I believe it would improve your learning substantially!


you should use the app hellotalk or tandem to find a partner. there you’ll find one really quickly. Too many are texting me there. One reliable for regular calls is already enough.

This is also a good idea! I have used Tandem before and it was really helpful. But I think it would be even better if you find a learning partner within the Chinese community because the materials that you are studying are similar and connected.