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List of bugs reports for iOS


bug reports for the iOS version.

bug 1: Missing way to bookmark lessons
bug 2: If playing audio for lesson A, then switch to a new lesson B to download the content, the audio for lesson A will no longer play in the background
bug 3: once the audio player widget is loaded, there’s no way for it to go away
bug 4: the bottom right drawer icon is NOT an obvious place to know that’s where to begin audio track selection, perhaps changing the icon from a bulleted list to a PLAY icon will make it obvious
bug 5: when loading a lesson, each section (vocab, dialogue, expansion, etc) seems to be loaded separately and lazily. Noting that the content size in bytes is not big, but round-trip-time adds up quickly for separate requests, it would be better to batch requests for data in one go because latency over cell networks can be quite high. since latency is high (bad thing) and bandwidth is high (a good thing) you can make a better performing data download here.
bug 6: Download Manager “Download/Remove” button is confusing. The default checkbox state will indicate which audio components were downloaded, however, if i check an unchecked checkbox, now the checkbox states are meaningless. does “download/remove” apply download to all, or does it toggle each item? or will it remove all of these, including the one that wasn’t downloaded? better redesign the dialog box…
bug 7: lesson introduction is hidden inside the context menu in the lesson. does that mean it’s not that important?
bug 8: in the dialogue section, i can’t “break down” the chinese words actual definition. the english section has the natural translation and the words don’t map exactly to the chinese, of course. so it helps to see how the sentence is constructed.
bug 9: audio player. I don’t know which track was selected?
bug 10: Context menu in the “lesson list” UI – shows “Red” for downloaded, and “grey” for not downloaded, I think. This took me a while to figure out and it’s still hard to see, maybe I’m colorblind. Can you make it more obvious if a lesson has been downloaded eg. overlay an icon or something?
bug 11: i’d like to be able to queue downloads for multiple lessons. ask your devs to have a singleton download manager in the app where the download actions get queued up. then you can also extend the UI to make it more obvious.
bug 12 [feature request]: overlay definitions when tapping on words. or provide a way to copy the entire text of the dialogue so i can open it in pleco or something…
bug 13: export pleco flash cards? named after the lesson, with a date perhaps? I do periodic review of words starting with newest first, and then test my retention by going back in time towards older cards. the pleco card set naming would help me organize the cards.


I agree with all of the above.
There also appears to be a specific problem with the Qin Wen lesson “Let’s Do Math In Chinese!”. When I try to play the audio using the latest ios app it simply bombs out. (It plays OK with the android app).
The latest app (v0.6.2) still appears to be very fussy about being online - so often when I’m out and about without wifi I will get “Cannot connect to Server” type messages - even for lessons that have ‘supposed’ to have been downloaded - very frustrating.