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List of Pre-Intermediate Lessons that used to be Elementary?

I am having a little bit of trouble making the move from Elementary to Pre-Intermediate. Some of the pre-intermediate lessons, even at the early part of the “curriculum” playlist are a little too much. I know that the Pre-Intermediate level is made up of primarily lessons that were either Elementary lessons on the harder side or Intermediate lessons that were a little more difficult. Is there a list of lessons that used to be elementary but were moved to pre intermediate? The way I have been finding these is by searching for all Pre-Intermediate lessons from 2006-2010 and looking for Ken as a host (as he only did elementary). Only problem with this method is that it is pretty limited in the amount of lessons I can find…


I understand the challenge of moving forward from one level to another one. Regarding the pre-intermediate level, we originally designed it to be a bridge level between elementary and intermediate, but after 2018 we started making content specifically for this level. I suggest that you study elementary lessons produced when Fiona was the main host (from 2012 to 2016) as the elementary lessons are harder than the ones before and after this period.

Another thing to keep in mind of when jumping to the next level is that you don’t have to only study the lessons at the harder level. You can always go back and forth both levels and slowly decreasing the amount of elementary lessons you study until one day you make clean move!

If you have any other questions, you can reach me at Hope this helps for now!


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