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Looking for more substantive upper intermediate content


Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Upper intermediate
Video or Audio: Audio or either
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Hi all, I used to love ChinesePod but the content (upper intermediate) is too general and vernacular. I’m looking for more substantive, non-fiction topic content on news, policy, technology, science, energy, environment, etc. I am less interested in personal dramas about work or home, shopping dating or fitness, yet these mundane topics seem to dominate.

I also have a question about the standard pronunciation of 赶紧来听, as one ChinesePod host seems to consistently use 4th tone for 紧,whereas all the dictionaries I consult show 3rd tone. Thanks for your consideration and advice


We have a range of lessons on all these topics for both upper-intermediate and advanced lessons. Perhaps you could try some more advanced lessons to find even more topics. We tend to now go into specific news articles since they become less relevant quite quickly, and can lead to potential blocking in some regions.

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