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Making suggestions and offering opinions


In English there are lots of ways to make a suggestion in gentle or more forceful ways.
I.e “would you like me to come along?” “Don’t you think you should wait?” “We must be early!” “You need to see a doctor!” “There is no way you can marry my sister!”
I’d love to know what phrases I can use in Mandarin to express 吧 in different ways. It would be helpful if the phrases were graded in intensity too.

Also, when offering an opinion, how would a Chinese person express a spur of the moment decision or feeling, vs a thought out, considered point of view?
I.e “I reckon…” “Most people think…” “I was brought up to think…” “I’ve always thought…” “There is no doubt that…” “Everybody agrees that…” etc

My main question is: If I directly translate these phrases, will they have the same meaning and intensities in chinese? Or what phrases are commonly used by a native speaker?

Thanks for your consideration! Keep up the good work guys! I love chinesepod!