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Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Elementary
Video or Audio: Video
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

I just came across this lesson last year about John Pasden’s Mandarin Companion. They talked about doing a series on Mandarin Companion, but obviously that didn’t happen. I wonder if maybe it could be revived at some point?

I just finished read 地心游记 to my 5-year-old at bedtime, and it was great! We’re definitely going to continue with the stories.

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I bought The Secret Garden in that series a few weeks ago. Still way too difficult for me, but I was very proud of myself for having deciphered the first page with the aid of Pleco. I can understand John’s logic for nof including the pinyin, but it would be really wonderful to have it, or at least an English translation.

If by any chance you are a family of polyglots, you can get more Verne in here in quite a few different languages. Librivox is a website I really love:

Here is what they have in Chinese. Most of it seem to be poems, and of course since they are read by volunteers, you never know about the quality of the accent:

Have you heard the Extensive Reading podcast about Mandarin Companion? They interview Jared Turner and John Pasden about it. I like John’s comments on reading Chinese newspapers.

Thanks a lot for the tip!