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I’ve, at least, listened to every lesson that Chinesepod has produced to date. That would be a pretty intimidating target for someone starting now, but I started listening in 2007. At that time, I was able to digest intermediate lessons, and circled back on the advanced and media lessons a couple years later. Since then, I’ve studied new lessons as they are published.

Within the time I have been listening, there have been a lot of changes. From Ken’s flight from the country, to the move from Shanghai to Taiwan. However, the lesson content continues to be interesting, and I’m continuing to try to improve my Chinese, despite living in the US and being old enough to remember when Mao was still around, and there were no relations between the US and China.


Hi Mark!

So great to hear more about you on the new forum! 真的非常敬佩您对中文学习的毅力及热忱!很期待跟您在新的forum上切磋切磋!


(On a somewhat related note, I focused on US-China relations when I was in high school during my history course and that was what lead me to read Politics at University.)