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Massive Videos Lags (in Say it Right Series)


I like the videos, especially i am very impressed by your Say It Right Series.

Unfortunately I have a lot of lags in the videos, e.g. I can see 30 seconds than the video stops for 20 secs or longer, than the cycle repeats.

I really wonder how that can be.
I am residing in germany, connected via cable TV and have a 125 MBit connection.
This problems exists since i registered 2-3 months ago.

Any experience with this problem?


Here are some options you could try:

  • Try a different browser
  • Click on Gear icon and switch between FLASH</>HTML5
  • Click settings and choose lower video quality
  • Click the download button and watch it offline.

There 4 things should stop this happening. Can I ask what your actual internet speed is ( as well as what browser you’re using?


Hi Gwylym,

thanks for the idas.
I have a fast computer with good connection 150 MBit/Sec
Use Chrome or whatever.

Only the download button is a way to get it done with this series.
Maybe your streaming provider has a bad connection to germany or at least my cable provider.


I still experience the problems with wistia.
Of course not nonly in the S.I.R, but also with the normal video.
Anybody else who suffers from bad connections to Wistia?
I connected via cable tv (unitymedia) from germany.
Normally my connection is ~150 MBit/sec, but with Wistia it often go down to Kbit/sec.



This is very odd. Perhaps you might like to contact Wistia directly if you have tried everything above (try clearing your cache / disabling extensions on Chrome that might be causing issues (open in incognito mode will do this).

Wistia is used by Enterprise clients as well as people like YoYo chinese, so it should be pretty stable.

Let me know if it’s still slow after trying the above suggestions.

If all else fails, I can try uploading content to YouTube as a fall back.


these problems have vanished since december 16 or january 17


So things work better now?