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Meaning of 零零总总 ?


Hi guys,

can anyone help me with the meaning of 零零总总?

I came across it in this sentence(s):


A little help with the overall translation is welcome as well. :slight_smile:
Especially the clause beginning with 加人… Thank you!


May be it should be 林林总总 which means in great abundance instead of 零零总总.


No, it’s certainly 零零总总. I wonder if it is some kind of product or brand.


林林总总: lín lín zǒng zǒng
〖解释〗林林:众多的样子;总总:众多而杂乱的样子。形容众多。 numerous; in great abundance

零零总总:应该是“林林总总”的错误写法。it should be the wrong writing of “林林总总”.


One thing to be aware of is that many people from the southern part of China have trouble distinguishing between the “n” and “ng” sounds, and so they will often say them “wrong” or even type them incorrectly. It certainly makes it hard for me to understand my friends from Wuhan at times


Alright, thanks for your answers!
I guess it might be a mistake of the author.

Nevertheless, can someone please give me a translation of the whole thing?


It should be changed to: I bought 30 lectures on the website and joined the two mutual supervision and learning groups. A lot of tutorials are also purchased.