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Media learning resource

I recently found this: which is an amazing resource for ESL learners. It has channels divided by topic, and difficulty level, with thousands of media clips that you can watch (in English) with Chinese subtitles. You can select any given sentence and have it individually repeat, check vocabulary in a dictionary, print off transcripts, it even has integrated speaking/listening tests.

So my question is, does anyone know a site like this for Chinese learners?

It sounds like you are describing FluentU. (Formerly FluentFlix)

Yes, FluentU is an excellent service, and takes videos from YouTube and adds smart subtitles for you. We recommend it for learning (and revising words learnt at ChinesePod :wink: ) in context.

FluentU is impressive, though I have never been a paid subscriber. It is not integrated with ChinesePod in the way that Skritter is. Skritter has both the “Skritter Lite” feature for practicing writing on the CPod lesson page (premum subscribers) and also has the vocabulary lists for CPod lessons among the many lists available for study for its paid subscribers. The two methods I have used for reinforcing my CPod vocab are Skritter and exporting flashcards for use in Pleco using the export function built into the CPod web site.

Since FluentU relies on YouTube, it is not available in the PRC.